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About VIEWTEK--Lee Ming Industrial Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1972 , Lee Ming devoted into LCD field

from 1996 since become a quality LCD module and monitor manufacturer.

Reputation is established by the satisfaction of customers

and this even better than any advertisement.

Marketing Department

Head:Miss Agatha Yu
10 years experiences sales lady, aware of European and

American marketing and always helpful for any special support

if requested. Highly appreciated by customers.

You may see her in IFSEC every year.

R&D Department

HeadMr. Dicky Lin
Senior E E engineer , 7 years LCD driver developing experience.

He probably can develop any LCD driver you need.

Purchaing Department

HeadMiss Faye Huang
12 years experiences in all material purchasing.

We count on her to get quality and economic material

in world wide shortage period.

Production Department

HeadMrs. Beauty Chou

Programs each LCD production, also head of IQC for all in coming material.

Accounting Department

Head:Mrs. May Chang

Who make sure we are get paid each month


16F-4, No.268, Lien-Cheng RD, Chung - Ho, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL: 886-2-82261912‧FAX: 886-2-82261913