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LCD is extremely products of 20th century,
allow me provide you brief introduction as below.

What is Liquid Crystal Display :

This concept is to use different Crystal's physical charictors such as elastic Constant,

Dielectric Constant , Refractive Index and conductivity in order to control the close

and opening of color filter as well as screen color.

Classification of LCD Technology

LCD Liquid Crystal Display


Passive Matrix LCD



Active Matrix LCD



Structure of LCD Module


Advantage and disadvantage compare to CRT display


Time Frame: 1990-1994
Generation II

1. LCD was 4 to 5 times more expansive than CRT display.

2. LCD has narrow viewing angle than CRT.

3. Low Contrast ratio and Brightness than CRT.

4. The LCD power consumption is less than CRT.

5. The LCD radiation is much less than CRT.

6. Driver PCB is Extremely High Level Developing Know How.  Only few well-known big

    companies are capable to developing this circuit.

The above reasons make the LCD display silent for quite a long period of time.

Time Frame: 1995-1997
Generation III

1.Constant Production method improvement sharply reduce production cost ,

such as the evolution of Glass substrate size technology ,

low deffect ratio technology and etc, consequent effects a low cost LCD.

2.Advanced wide viewing angle technology was well developed.

3.Contrast Ratio, brightness and performance were highly improved.

4.Lee-Ming commercialized this device as handy components, integrate the LCD Panel

and Driver Board together as module piece, simply 12V DC and Video signal input.

5.The compact dimension, high quality picture, low electricity consumption and

easy installation make manufactures in different field easily replaced CRT screens by LCD Display.

Time Frame: 1998-20XX
Generation IV

The LCD Market scale was ten times growth for the passed three years form 1994 - 1997,

and Experts predict a hundred times growth for coming years.


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